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The natives used the buffalo for, clothing, shelter, food toys and tools. They also used every part of the body. The hoofs were used for glue. Buffalo skins were sewed together for a sheet. Buffalo, inua, provided everything the people needed. Other names for the buffalo are bison or inua.

Buffalo meat was eaten fresh. Pemmican was probably the most common food, pemmican is dried buffalo meat. The buffalo's vertebra were toys shaped like warriors also the stick game. Inuas tongue was used in the ceremony for the sun dance. The hoofs were dried and cleaned Hoofs were used mainly used for ornaments on tipi , or as rattles. Buffalo hides were different according to their thickness. The tail was a flyswatter. They also use the tail for a rope. Bags were made from animal skins, here we see a tobacco pouch.

By Danielle, Samantha, Lauren.K., Aleksandra.