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Iktomi and The Ducks

By Paul Goble


We think this book is interesting because it is funny when Iktomi gets stuck in a tree and his undershirt says "I'm a Sioux Indian and I'm proud of it". We think the best part is when Iktomi wants water and jumps right into the lake because it is the
most exciting part. (Iktomi is crazy .) If you want to find out about other funny Iktomi books you should read Iktomi and The Ducks because Iktomi is funny and crazy and we think it will give you a little laugh -attack! You will probably find this book at your local library .Look at the dewy decimal number and you will find the book fast and read it. The really funny part we are talking about is when Iktomi puts grass and a big stick in his blanket and he tells the ducks that there is music in the bag. The ducks want to hear the music so Iktomi tells them to close their eyes. Iktomi takes the stick and starts hitting the ducks. Iktomi kills 4 ducks and roasts 3 ducks and bakes lduck. A coyote eats the 3 roasted ducks. We hope you have an excellent time reading it and we hope you give it 2 thumbs up !
We learned that Iktomi is weird.

By: Brennan, Doug, Alex, Kelsey