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Iktomi and the Coyote

By Paul Goble


We liked this book because it was funny when the coyote dressed to look as if he was injured and he tricked Iktomi into losing the race. At the end it was also funny when he asked for a double cheeseburger and a jumbo pop. Some interesting words were stealthy, pitched, Buzzard and gambled. The setting was on a prairie. An interesting character was Iktomi because he is a silly trickster! Some interesting characters were the coyote and the prairie dogs because they are intelligent. The problem was that Iktomi was hungry and the coyote took his food. We encourage you to read the book because it is funny part after funny part. The legend told us that Iktomi was hungry. Some exiting events were the race and when the gophers got cooked. This is an excellent book. Have fun reading it!

By Ross, Matt, Drew, and Zachary