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Dream Wolf

By Paul Goble

Gob 1990

We like this book because it was exciting when Tiblo Tanksi slept in the wolf's den. We think the best part of this book is when the kids sleep in the den and the wolf sleeps with them. We think the illustrator put fabulous detail in his work of the tipis. An interesting character is the wolf because he helps the kids get home. We encourage you to read dream wolf because it is adventurous when the kids go hiking on the hill. If you want to learn about wolves, this is the book to read. The settings are the woods, the mountains and the cave. We learned to never go hiking by yourself. Some very interesting words to us were Tiblo and Tanksi. We think the book was sensational! Please try to read it! Happy reading !

By Cole, Blake, Sonia ,Emily and Megan.