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Matt G., Jaimie, Sara

The Inuit used a sled with a dog team to travel over the land in the past. They still do use the dog teams but now snowmobiles are more popular. The snowmobile is faster than the dog team, but some people think that the dog team is better because dogs do not run out of fuel.
They used to use kayaks to move on water. Kayaks are a type of boat that has room for only one person. They were made by hand from driftwood and sealskins. The hunter would use a two-ended paddle to steer the boat and hunt whales or swimming caribou as they crossed the rivers.

Matt G.


The Inuit people use kayaks, which can only hold one person, and an umiak, which can hold ten or maybe more people. An umiak was an open boat used to move people and belongings rather than for hunting. If I were a Inuit girl, I would rather have a dog sled more than a ski-doo because a ski-doo will run out of fuel and a dog sled will not.



The Inuit in the past used dog sleds to get around. Now they use snowmobiles, airplanes and boats to get things and go to different places. Dog sleds were just dogs to pull a sled they sit on with their belongings. They have to travel across snow and ice. Some of the Inuit still use dog sleds but not as much as they used to do. The kayak was a one-man boat that they used to travel over water in spring and summer to hunt.