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In the past, the Inuit used to use three homes. The first home was the igloo. The Inuit used the igloo in the winter. They would build the igloo in a spiral shape using the snow from the inside of the circle to cut blocks with a snow knife. The blocks were shaped and stacked to create a dome-shaped structure. The Inuit would light up the igloo during the nights with seal oil lamp called a kudluk.
In the summer the whole family would pack up their belongings and move to a new location. The summer home was a tent made out of caribou or sealskins hung off a frame made of driftwood or whale rib bones.



The Inuit lived in igloos in the winter. The igloo was made from hard packed snow. They had knives made of bone, and later, steel, to cut snow blocks. It would take a skilled hunter just one hour to build a small igloo. An Inuit made his igloo always from the inside and got his snow from the inside. The builder would build the whole igloo and then cut himself out by making a door. Sometimes the Inuit built their igloos together to create a larger living space. The Inuit put animal skins on the sleeping platforms of the igloos.



Now the Inuit live in homes like us. The homes have bathrooms like ours. They have fresh water like us but it does not always come out of a tap. Sometimes they have to have their water delivered and stored in a tank in the houses. Now the Inuit people don't need to switch homes every time the seasons change.



The Inuit in the past had two homes. They had a summer home and a winter home. The winter home is called an igloo. It was made out of blocks of snow put together into a spiral shape. The summer home was called a tent. They used a tent as the summer home because it was not as warm as an igloo. They needed the igloo because it kept in a lot more heat than the tent. Igloos could of been put together to make hallways to other igloos, or they could of made just one big igloo. The tent was often made of animal skins with sinew as the outline. Sinew was a very strong string that held things together such as a tent. Each family had their own igloo and their own tent. All of the children and adults had to know how to build an igloo because some time they might be because some time they might be caught in a snowstorm. You can't put two tents together so they just have to walk to one another. Inside the igloo there is a stove, sleeping skins and a seal oil lamp. Once they light it, they can't let it go out.

Inside the summer tent the Inuit family had berries and eggs that the mother and children had collected while the father was hunting. The Inuit in the past used every thing they could and didn't waste anything. If they didn't have any shelter, they wouldn't be able to live. They lived the way no other people could. They used everything they could to survive.