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In the past, the Inuit ate caribou, whale and seal meat. They had to hunt for their food. To hunt an animal underwater in the Arctic during the winter months, the hunter need to cut a hole in the ice and point his spear in the water and wait. In the present they still hunt but they use modern weapons. They still hunt fish, caribou, whale, fox and seal. To hunt in the present the Inuit use guns. Whenever an Inuit hunter is successful, he and his family share the meat with friends and other members of the community.



In the past, the Inuit hunted, caught or gathered all their food. They used spears they made themselves to catch the fish. The Inuit killed their food and ate it raw. Blubber or fat from some Arctic animals was like a treat to them. The Inuit made the spears out of whalebone.



The Inuit ate fish, caribou, whale and sometimes fox. They hunted a lot of their time. Sometimes they ate polar bears. Seal are very tasty according to the Inuit. They liked seal liver very much. To hunt seal, the hunter had to look like a seal in order to sneak up on the animal. To hunt a polar bear, you had to be as strong as one and be very quiet and patient.

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Now Inuit have their own stoves and use many of the same utensils as we do. They now have refrigerators to store food instead of hiding it in the snow. They still eat some of the same things they used to like caribou, seals, whales and fish but can now buy other foods from stores in their communities. They also still make holes in the ice to fish for Arctic char with spears.



In the past, if they wanted to cook the meat, the hunter had a tool that included a bow-drill and piece of driftwood. The man would rub the two pieces together and it would make heat. Then some dried moss or grass was then ignited. The hunter would then give this small fire to his wife and she would put it in a dead bird's body full of dried grass and it make embers that she could keep and take with them when they travelled. She could put some of the embers under driftwood, place the meat on top and cook it. Sometimes the meat was boiled in melted snow over the seal oil lamp called the kudluk.




Some of the tools the Inuit used in the past were ulus, spears and axes. The women used the ulu. They use it like a knife to scrape skins, cut meat and as an eating utensil.