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How to Make
First Nations Quilling Boxes

A Quilling Box is a representation of a special pouch that the Natives would have used.  The Native people would decorate their special buffalo skin pouches with flattened porcupine quills that had been dyed different colors. A quilling pouch would have been used on special occassions and for special ceremonies. The Natives would keep special items in their bags.

Scroll down to see tips on how to make a quilling box.

Here is a list of the materials you need:

The steps to make them are:

1. Make your plan on the paper with the design of the toothpicks on the lid.
2. Color the plan in.
3. Add the dye to the hot water, and put the toothpicks in.
4. The teacher should make an example of a lid with toothpicks in the shape of a diamond. The diamond is very hard to make.
5. Cut the toothpicks with scissors to make them fit your pattern.
6. When gluing the toothpicks on, do not use a lot of glue. It squishes out and makes a white covering of white glue (looks messy).
7. Wash your hands lots, because they get sticky, and colored from the dye.
8. Have Fun!!