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Explanation of the Project

Five grade three classrooms between two elementary schools will collaborate via a webpage to share student gathered information about the Plains Natives and Inuit. The curriculum fit comes from Grade 3 Social Studies - Topic C:  Special Communities. The questions of inquiry for the students are:

1. How do people keep their customs and traditions?
2. Why do people keep their customs and traditions?
3. Can we keep our customs and traditions and still be members of a larger group?

The students will develop an appreciation for the cultures of other Canadians, and an awareness that interaction with other people may bring about change.

Parameters for Participation

Presently, this project is a joint project between Woodbine Elementary and Canyon Meadows Elementary Schools. Andrea Clarke is a grade three teacher at Canyon Meadows who is studying the Inuit culture with her students, and Linda Legg, Linda Laursen and Kelli Borger are grade three teachers in Woodbine. They are studying the lifestyles of the Blood Natives and Plains Natives in Alberta with their students.

This project is seeking outside participation by way of email contact with anyone who would be willing to collaborate with our students in seeking to deepen their understanding of the cultures being studied. Please contact the Project Teacher Leader, Jason Fech at Woodbine, for more information.


This project began in early November, 2000 and is scheduled to be complete by June, 2001. It is intended to coincide with the teachers' classroom unit plan for Special Communities.

Expected Outcomes

Iti s intended that the students will use technology as a tool to communicate, collect information, display data, and publish work. More specifically, the major target outcomes from the ICT curriculum are:

C1. Students will access, use, and communicate information from a variety of technologies
C6. Students will use technology to investigate and/or solve problems
C7. Students will use electronic research techniques to construct personal knowledge and meaning.

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