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Simons Valley Interpretation
(Scott, Anthea, Kristyn, Grace, Sarah, Kenny & Jason)

Although this entire symbol looks isolated, it could be a reserve. Many ideas come to our heads about what type of house this is: a soddy or an adobe. The figure on the door, we thing may be sign of hope, protection or peace.

We also believe the large mountains represent hidden ways to the outerworld and protection against it. The colour on the house and mountains (brown) we think could stand for dirt as one natural resource for growing food and other certain plants, e.g. corn.

We think the clouds represent precipitation but it is very very low. We think the man in the car is Navajo because of his skin and characteristics. Now we are at our last ideas, we think that the 4 different colours are the 4 elements of life.

Thank you Manuelito for your symbol. We very much enjoyed writing about it and we can’t wait to hear your response.

Wingate High Explanation

You got most of the symbolism right in my picture. The only thing that you didn't describe was the Hogan. The Hogan has different meanings of life. Here is a description of the symbol.
The Navajo Hogan has six or eight sides.

The doorway should always face to the rising sun. We have two different kinds of Hogans-male and female. The female is the Hogan that I drew. Some Navajos still live in Hogans today. We say that it is much better to be together in one room than to be in separate rooms. We also use Hogans for ceremonies and traditional purposes.