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Simons Valley Interpretation
{Kristyn & Anthea}

Thank you for your symbol. We have thought a lot about your illustration and have come to these conclusions...

We think the + shape in the middle represents more people combining into your culture each day. We also think the colours show vegetation, you need (and have), sky to grow crops (blue), and the bright sun (yellow), and also the rich soil (brown). The four large people around the outside show your past group leaders in your old tribes and in the their hands show what they do (hunting and spiritualism).

Two things we noticed first were the blue faces and the person stretched out. We think they both mean “long life”. The costumes could possible represent your old culture’s traditional outfits.

Thank you so much for the symbol. We can’t wait to hear your responses.

Wingate High Explanation

In the picture you will see Talking God on the top of the picture. Talking god is the elder of the gods and he has a medicine pouch in the shape of a weasel.

On the left and right of the picture there are two humpback guardians, their humps are believed to be backpacks. The two humpback guardians were seed gathers and bearers and they carry tobacco pouches. On the bottom is Calling God and he is associated with farming and fertility.

The gods carry prayer sticks except for Talking God because he is carrying his medicine pouch. Around the center going in clockwise direction there are the four sacred plants which are corn, beans, squash, and tobacco.