Exploring Martyn Godfrey

Have you ever read any books by a well known Alberta author? Martyn Godfrey is one of Alberta's best known writers for young people.

Martyn Godfrey was born in England in 1949. He moved to Canada when he was eight years old and grew up in Toronto. He had to repeat the third grade because he couldn't write a sentence. Martyn went on to graduate from University as a teacher in 1974.

He writes books for children and wrote his first book in the 1980s. He gets most of his ideas for books from real life. Martyn wrote many books. Here are some of them: Baseball Crazy, The Day The Sky Exploded, Don't Worry About Me, I'm Just Crazy, More Than Weird, Just Call Me Boom, Boom, Mystery In The Frozen Lands, and Here She Is, Ms. Teeny Wonderful. He received many awards for his books and then sadly died suddenly at age 50.

I think Martyn Godfrey was truly one of Alberta's best authors ever. His books were often based on real life events or realistic fiction. They sometimes took place in Alberta and contained mystery and/or humour. Martyn Godfrey truly was a great Albertan!

Will R. (grade 4) enjoyed studying about Martyn Godfrey. If you have any questions for him write to him c/o Mr. Reid (jcreid@cbe.ab.ca) or Ms. McKenzie (semckenzie@cbe.ab.ca) and look for his response on our Question and Answer Page.