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Our book of Renaissance Medicine

One of the biggest challenges we had throughout this Inquiry was the lack of children’s books written about medicine during the Renaissance. There aren’t many books to begin with and most of the books we found were written with older children in mind. We decided that since we were becoming ‘experts’ in our topic that we could write a book for other children who wanted to learn about Renaissance medicine.


First we had to decide which topics we wanted to write about. Each of these topics needed to be something we’d learned about as well as something that we thought was interesting.

Once we’d decided on our topics it was time to start writing. We worked hard on our writing, sometimes working with a partner or having a teacher scribe what we wanted to say. After we had the writing done we needed to illustrate our pages. For some of us this was even more difficult than the writing had been. Below are some samples of the pages we created and our book can be found in the Glendale Elementary School Library.

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