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Kindergarten Skating

Skating has many benefits for those who take part including:

•Increased fitness, stamina, co-ordination and creative skills (an antidote for TV and computers!)
• Opportunities for social interaction and to “hang out” together.
• An opportunity to demonstrate your skills to a wider audience (those at the skating venue, and opportunity to take the sport further, an opportunity to share recreation with friends)..
• An informal setting for learning new skills from those with more experience.
• A greater choice of physical activities, in addition to more formal sports

Skating benefits to the local community in the following ways:

•Young people are involved in positive activities, which may distract them from less desirable ones such as anti-social behaviour.
• Young people having a say in what happens locally and making a positive contribution to their community.
• Participating in an exciting ‘spectator sport’.

Alien In-Line Skating

Our first job was learning how to put on all the in-line skating equipment: knee, elbow and wrist pads, our helmet and of course, the in-line skates.

Then we had to learn how to stand up. Our teacher, V, told us to get on our knees, put one foot up with our hand on our knee and push yourself up. However, the action is not as easy as the words are said.

However, by day three, it was as if we had been skating all of our life.

Once we were up on our skates, there are some tricks to staying up. First one should move their feet into "duck" position. This means heals together and toes facing out. In "duck" post ion you begin to walk and it helps you keep in control while moving.
The second tip is to use "diamond" hands. We put our hands into diamond position as the students above are demonstrating, and it helps us balance on our skates.
In line skating is a wonderful opportunity to work on our personal athletic skills while increasing our risk-taking skills and self-confidence. The pure joy is as plain as the smiles on the faces of these children. Look at these happy faces--we love in-line skating!
Another trick was grabbing our knees when we felt wobbly or like we might fall. Often this was enough to stop us from falling to the ground. All of these tricks of the trade made all the difference in our performance of the skill.
Once we got the hang of it, we were skating all over the gymnasium. Still, there were some occasional falls, but that is all part of the learning process.
You won't believe the change that occurred in only three skating days with Alien In-Line Skating. Now we are fancy skaters, confident on the wheels and able to manipulate other materials including hula-hoops, hockey sticks and scoop ball holders. What an improvement.

Scoops and Balls are simply good fun. One tries to pass a ball to another student with a scoop. But on in line skates, it is just as difficult to simply scoop up the ball from the floor as it is to actually pass and catch the ball.

Hockey Sticks aid us in balancing and are fun at the same time!


If we got really good, the ball was the perfect accessory because to catch or bounce it, we have to concentrate on the action and thus cannot be over thinking our in-line skating.
Hula hoops are always fun, even better with a friend as you in-line skate throughout the gymnasium.

I hated missing 2 of the 3 lessons due to illness but I think the pictures tell the story of the tremendous growth of these wonderful kindergarten students.

Special thanks go out to Cameron, Tahlia and their families for the disks full of in-line skating photographs to add to our web site in my absence.

I really appreciate your help.

"Skating with the feet is one thing but skating with the heart is another."

--Skating slogan


copyright 2009-2010 kindergarten students and Mrs. K. Patsula

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