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The last photo from our webcam!

The Fish Were Released on May 29th, 2007

Check back next year for more live images!

Fish in Schools has returned to Glendale. The Grade Three students are enthusiastically raising Rainbow Trout in the Learning Commons.

The Rainbow Trout eyed eggs were delivered to Glendale on February 1, 2007. We later found out, after we removed around 90 moldy eggs, that it was a bad batch of eyed eggs. Many of the FinS schools in Calgary were experiencing the same mortality rate as Glendale.

We contacted Alberta Sustainable Resources and asked for new eggs. On February 14, Jon Carter delivered 100 new eyed eggs. The students and teachers are all quite thrilled! We received the last batch of eyed eggs that were available. We are having success with this second batch and we now have to keep track of two different sets of fish because about four of the original batch survived.

The students have the responsibilty of feeding the fish , checking the temperature (should be around 10 C), checking the pH and recording the ATUs. The ATUs mean 'accumulated temperature units.' The ATUs are measured by how many degrees the temperature is each day. How many ATUs we are at, helps us know when to empty the egg basket, start feeding the fish, changing the fish food, and many other helpful fish related things as well.

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