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This year in Robotics we decided to expand our growing knowledge and expertise with the next generation NXT Robots.

We also got the opportunity to use the expertise the Grade 3/4 team gained from their work in Robotics when students came in to tell us about their robotics inquiry and what they learned in terms of turning and wheel rotations.

You see, they were using a standard grid to work on coordinates and had learned about pivot turns (where both wheels rotate in opposite directions at the same time!). As well they gave us help in telling us that 0.61 wheel rotations equals around 10 cm of distance traveled. Perfect!

With that knowledge we jumped into our robotics inquiry which revolved around forests and detecting the mountain pine beetle. Our robots were programed to search the forest for pine trees that are healthy and infected with the pine beetle (green = healthy and red = sick as can be seen by the red needles of a diseased tree).

Our robots were also programmed to follow latitude and longitude to work with GPS coordinates in a particular area of forest on the Alberta and BC border. Therefore our learning is going to be about latitude and longitude, coordinate number pairs, learning how latitude and longitude are different than a Cartesian plane and how to program a detailed and exact search pattern so our robot will return to its starting place consistently and report accurately the number of trees infested with the pine beetle and what actions should be taken—for example to leave it alone if it is a healthy forest or a controlled burn if it is completely infested.

Our celebration was on Friday November 5! Thank you for coming to see all our hard work!

And a special thank you to the kind support the parent council has given us by buying the NXT Robots and sponsoring Richard Gaskell!