Do you remember the photobooth at the mall?

*** NEW as of March 7, 2011 ***

The Photobooth Portrait Project

Do you remember going to the photobooth at the mall? Maybe you WISH you had gone to the photobooth and even now pause when you walk by one. Maybe you went to the Olde Time Portrait Studio at the Stampede. Well, we decided to recreate some of that magic and mystery of dressing up to be someone else - even if only for a moment.

We wanted to give our students a chance to practice their skills of portraiture before we launch into our Yousuf Karsh portrait project. This exciting opportunity allowed the students the chance to dress up and be someone else. And your teachers got the chance to practice their craft too as you'll soon see! We certainly had fun and so did the students! Now you can enjoy our photographic art!


The Work and The Fun

Working with Linda Craddock, we set up ten individual photobooth studios in the learning commons, complete with tripods, stools and neutral backdrops. We played Mozart over the speakers for inspiration and we invited groups of 2 students to work for 40 minutes to create their pictures. The students were instructed that they needed to have one face-on portrait, one profile portrait, one picture with something on their head (a hat, scarf, headband, etc.) and one picture could be pretty much anything goes. They were told to have serious fun with it. Here you can see us hard at work and then afterwards check out all of the teams' photostrips!