“What is the Game? How does one get invited?”

Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes

Set in the future, this novel is about a story of ten teenagers who have just completed high school. Earth is dystopic, due to the fact that labour has been replaced with technology, robots, and heavy mechanization. Also, to say the least, Earth has been ruined by pollution and overpopulation.  As a result, most youth become “Unemployeds”. The friends need to fight for survival in the ruined city. In their secret locked-down home, they find a sealed invitation to a Game, where they have no choice but to explore a paradise looking for a treasure. The friends participate in several ‘episodes’ of this Game. What is the purpose? Is it run by the Government? Or by a specific company? The Game has another function: to find groups of young people with enough skill, imagination and team-work to qualify for a much more serious mission.

I – In the year 2154
N - No one yet knows what the Game has in store for them
V - Virtual reality?
I - Imagination
T - Thought police
A - Addictive
T – Technology took over
I - Intriguing
O - Overpopulation
N – Nothing matters anymore

In this year’s novel study of the Invitation to the Game, the 5/6s participated in the following reader response activities:

Here are the "four square" graffiti pages our group made about the novel half way through reading it:

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