Novel Studies

A lot of young adult novels are 'post-apocalyptic.' What is the intention of the authors in writing about such a 'bleak' future? What messages can we get for living better today by reading about dystopic futures? Will it make a difference? Should it make a difference?

Small Group Novel Studies

In the fall, we began five small group novel studies. The book covers are presented below. Throughout the process of reading the book, we stopped periodically to ask students about the messages the author was giving about their vision of a time to come. We asked about how it relates to our lives today and why should we care about a future that isn't part of our reality...yet. When we had completed our novels, we wanted to synthesize and share our experiences with other groups and so we prepared a presentation that was delivered to and evaluated by our peers and teachers. Feel free to click on the book cover to get snapshots of the work we did in each of our novel study groups.

Our New Novel Study

Stay tuned for news on our upcoming novel study...The Giver!