This year in mathematics we are taking a problem-solving approach to learning concepts and deepening understanding. We believe that problem-solving skills are necessary for students to achieve great success and eventual mastery over the many constructs and strands that make up mathematics. Problem solving allows students to think for themselves and to adapt to unfamiliar or unpredictable situations by evaluating possible solutions and then using the most efficient method to solve the problem all the while focusing on the process rather than the solution itself.

As part of this approach this year, we are teaching the students to become more thoughtful about their approach and eventual solution to problems. We are focusing on the "process" of solving a problem rather than just the "answer." Students are required to think, evaluate, synthesize, extrapolate, interpolate, and formulate answers that are written in a way that would allow anyone unfamiliar with the problem to understand how they went about solving it.

One project that took our time leading up to the Winter break was Gingerbread Math. To find out more about this project click the gingerbread house.