Language Arts

Our Language Arts program this year is focusing on developing readers and writers. We are encouraging students to spread their creative wings and find their voice in their writing whether it be a response to a writing prompt, thoughtful evaluation of a short story we've read, commenting on our novels that we are taking up in class, and even in mathematics of all places!

We are pursuing different areas of reading as well with different kinds of texts: newspaper articles, short stories, magazine clippings, and of course our novel studies. Please feel free to check out our NOVEL STUDIES page for more information there.

Short Stories

We are taking up several short stories from Tomorrowland - a collection of stories about the future. The first we looked at was "The Last Dog" by Katherine Paterson. Click HERE for a copy of the discussion questions students were asked to respond to.

Tree Writing

In concert with our SCIENCE unit on Trees and Forests and in concert with our AISI leaders Nancy Steeves and Joan Walker, we worked on expanding our writing by including details from all of our senses and incorporating them into a descriptive paragraph that was inspired by a picture of trees. Finally, we were to recreate those pictures using our imagination in watercolours or pastels.

Here is a gallery of the writing and our art that we created.