It's About Time

What is time? What does it mean? How is it a human construct? How do we manipulate it? How does it influence us? How do we dominate it? How does it dominate us? How do we control it? How does it control us? Does what we think about the future change what is to come? What are our responsibilities for the future?

What do we know about time? How do we understand it?

Does everyone understand time and think of it in the same way?


To begin to understand our vision of time, we first asked the students to brainstorm all of the quotes or sayings or metaphors about time. We came up with a huge list of ideas and here is the compilation of those sayings:

Photography Project

The students were then tasked to represent a saying that was chosen at random in a photograph. We were just learning how to use the cameras and learning what goes into making a good photograph so here you get to see the efforts of our labor.

This was a two part exercise. The students created a scene for the photo previous to learning about 'composition' with our photographer in residence and then they created another photo after learning the rules of composition.