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(Last Updated: September 20, 2011)

Welcome to Visions of a Time to Come

Future (fyoo’ cher) [from Latin futurus, about to be] 1. The indefinite time yet to come 2. Something that will happen in a time to come 3. A perspective or expected condition, especially one considered with regard to growth, advancement, or development 4. What will happen; what is going to be.

Understanding time and the role that it plays in our lives is a significant concept for humans. Historically, human civilizations have been interested - to the point of obsession - with the future. What will it hold? What will it be like? What will the world be like? We spend so much time anticipating what is to come that we often don't pay attention to the present.

How do we know that what we do today will have any impact on the future? The environment? How we build relationships? Sustainability? What is our legacy?

How do we know what the future will hold for us?

Can we ever know?

“Suppose you could see into the future, the landscape of that time and place I call ‘Tomorrowland.’ What would you do with your new found knowledge?  Would you try to change the shape of tomorrow?  Or would you be resigned to your fate, instead, after realizing that this ‘gift’ of foresight had robbed you of your capacity to wonder and rendered hope obsolete? 

“Maybe it’s fortunate, after all, that we can’t see the future.  In the long run, speculation will always be more exciting than certainty.  Consider how the choices we make today will help shape tomorrow in ways we can only imagine.  When the future arrives, will we find that we were all co-creators of the time to come?  And will we be proud … or will we be disappointed? 

“Your future is waiting to be discovered.”

~ Michael Cart – “Tomorrowland: Ten Stories about the Future”

Join with us as we look into the meaning of time, historical moments, iconography, futurology, and utopia versus dystopia through the lenses of perspective and photography.

Before you go, take a look at all the deep planning we've been doing using an interactive web-based planning tool called Intelligence Online - this is a forum where your teachers have access to experts in all sorts of fields to provide feedback and ideas for our inquiry.

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