P.W.I.M. (Picture, Word, Inductive, Model)  is designed to teach reading, writing, and language structures. It supports students development as independent readers and learners. 


Polar Bear on Ice

Process steps:

  • The class participated in two different P.W.I.M. sessions. 

  • The first session utilized a picture of a "polar bear" (see below). 

  • The picture was "popcorned".  During "popcorning", the students share their ideas on what the picture contains. 

  • Comments that involve inferences are recorded with a question mark.  Comments that involve emotions are grouped together.  Factual comments are grouped together.

  • The class was asked, "What motions are involved with this picture?".  Comments recorded (see below).


The four forces of flight terminology were incorporated in the following way:

Force Discussed Sample Student Comments

The polar bear ran across the ice and slid.


The polar bear was slowing down due to friction.

Note:  This concept required additional prompting with a visual display of one teacher pulling another as the first teacher resisted.


The polar bear's weight caused it to stay on the ice.

Note:  This conversation brought up the concept of how gravity is affected by a planet's mass.


The polar bear stood up.


Another picture that could be used in a P.W.I.M. project related to the four forces of flight.

Mouse meets Elephant



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